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Edison Flores: why can Liga MX be the right stage for the rebirth of “Orejas”?

Edison Flores: why can Liga MX be the right stage for the rebirth of "Orejas"?

What happens with Edison (Flores) is that he already played in Mexico, and people remember him a lot for his good seasons with Morelia. That is why he has been well received by the fans of Atlas, a team that is in an excellent moment and is the current two-time league champion. Also because he is selected, and due to the recent fall in the playoffs, the fan will receive him with open arms.”, tells us Mafer Alonso, a TUDN journalist and a specialist in the red and black club.

Mexico Beautiful and beloved

Flores arrived at Morelia in August 2018 -after the World Cup in Russia-, from the Danish Aalborg, and played a total of 47 duels between two championships. In 37 of them he started, scoring 12 points and giving six assists. Likewise, in his last campaign he scored seven goals and was one away from reaching, to date, his best goalscoring record in a season (eight with Universitario in 2016). “Don’t you think Edison is a great player? It’s great, ”said his coach Roberto Hernández at that time about ‘Orejas’, who wore the number ’10’ shirt until his departure to the United States.

Flores did not regret having the responsibility, on paper, to replace another Peruvian like Raúl Ruidíaz, one of Morelia’s modern idols – called Mazatlán FC since June 2020 – who scored a decisive goal to save relegation in May of 2017, he scored 40 goals in two championships and finished among the 10 historical scorers of the club.

That good memory in Aztec lands, despite the fact that he comes from an irregular season at DC United, makes him return to Mexico as a ‘bomb’ signing. Anderson Santamaría’s Atlas is currently one of the clubs with the greatest economic power in Mexico and, most importantly, current two-time league champion (Apertura 2021 and Clausura 2022) under the guidance of Argentine coach Diego Cocca. “The Atlas fan thinks he can be a lot of help to (Julio César) Furch, who is the team’s centre-forward. The feeling of the fans regarding Edison is great. Moreover, they are taking it as a star reinforcement for the defense of the bi-championship”, Alonso points out.

  • His records in Morelia:
Item Number
seasons 2018/2019 and 2019/2020
Matches 47
Minutes 3228
goals 12
Assists 6

According to Alonso, Flores would have a fixed place in coach Cocca’s ’11’, who already has him in the preseason in the United States for the start of the Apertura, which starts on July 1. “Jairo Torres, a beloved youth player at Atlas who took over as a left winger, left the team in January. It is there where the club hires the Uruguayan Lucas Rodríguez, but he only adds nine minutes. When they announce that Edison is coming, the press speculates that he will be the starter to take Jairo’s place. They have similar qualities, with the difference that Flores is taller, has a better aerial game and steps more in the area”, added the journalist.

For his part, Adrián Esparza, a Mexican journalist, also believes that the Peruvian will join the “foxes” team. “Atlas hadn’t been champion for 70 years, and he did it not just once but twice. It is a team that has had few ups and downs. they know each other well. Currently there is no player like Flores in the squad. It is necessary to see if they use it by the band or by the center. He is an interesting reinforcement, who knows Liga MX well. He has everything to come back and have a very good second version“, he claimed.

Point to his resurrection

In January 2020, after his good time in Mexico, Flores made the jump to DC United in the MLS. He arrived as a franchise player, that is, the player with the highest salary of the entire squad and stated: “This is a step forward in my career.” However, the ‘American dream’ quickly turned into a ‘nightmare’. The arrival of the pandemic caused the MLS to have a recess until July of that year and, unfortunately, it was there that the left-hander began his slump. “Flores left great impressions in Morelia, he is remembered with great quality. We lost track of him a bit when he went to play in the MLSEsparza added.

Then, in August, came the first of his harsh injuries: he suffered multiple fractures to his face, something that forced him to stay away from the courts for 41 days, missing nine games. When he returned, he lost his title, and the reproaches were not long in coming, because he was one of the best paid in MLS. At that time, in the two-color team, his level was also very poor, something that caused criticism from the press and fans, who questioned his ownership, due to the almost non-existent continuity of him in his club.

“He is no longer the same”, the press agreed with his low performance. His time at DC United went unnoticed, and in May 2021 the worst came, one of the toughest injuries of his career: ruptured proximal femoral biceps of the hamstring, which took him away from the courts for 79 days, missing 12 games with his team. The most serious: he was left out of the 2021 Copa América.

After three seasons, Flores made 41 appearances for DC United, 33 of them as a starter, and scored just three goals. “Flores has conditions, talent and he already showed it in his first step through Liga MX. It seems to me that he did not arrive at his best soccer moment, because in the MLS he was not the decisive player that we observed in Mexico. But the reality is that he is still key for the selection of Ricardo Gareca, and he is a reinforcement that we should take into account for the next semester”, Julio Ibáñez, a journalist with TUDN Mexico, told us.

With 15 goals and four assists, Flores is the third most influential of the ‘Gareca era’ since 2015, being surpassed by Christian Cueva and Paolo Guerrero. In addition, he was key in the final part of the last Qualifiers, with goals against Colombia and Ecuador –win and draw, respectively–, important to seal the fifth place and subsequent playoff heading to Qatar 2022.

  • Flores is the third most influential player of the Ricardo Gareca era (since 2015)
Player goals Assists Total
christian cave fifteen 14 29
Paolo Guerrero 18 7 25
edison flowers fifteen 4 19
Andre Carrillo 10 7 17
Yoshimar Yotun 6 9 fifteen
Jefferson Farfan 10 two 12

Liga MX, Gareca’s bastion

Flores is the fourteenth Peruvian to play in Mexican soccer, coincidentally, since Ricardo Gareca took command of the national team in March 2015. “Mexican soccer is highly competitive and prestigious, economically strong, strong in its players, in its league, when it had to be in the Copa Libertadores they reached the finals and I’m not talking about now”, Said the ‘Tiger’ in March 2021, about the massive arrival of his summons to Aztec lands.

His football conditions guarantee it. One point in his favor is that he arrives at Atlas, a team that is the current two-time champion of Mexico. Diego Cocca knows what he plays, he perfectly understands the lack and virtues of his players, and I am sure that it will be much easier for him to obtain the relevance he needs. The national teams must be demanded. Everything is served at the table so that we can once again have another of the best football passages in Flores,” Ibanez added.

Player Equipment seasons
edison flowers Morelia and Atlas 2018 to 2020, present
Raul Ruidíaz Morelia 2016 to 2018
Yoshimar Yotun Blue Cross 2018 to 2021
Santiago Ormeno Puebla and Leon 2020 – present
louis abram Blue Cross 2021 – present
Anderson Santamaria Puebla and Atlas 2018 – present
Peter Aquinas Wolves BUAP, Leon and America 2017 – present
Luis Advincula Tigers and Wolves BUAP 2017 – 2018
Beto da Silva Wolves BUAP 2018 – 2019
Irven Avila Wolves BUAP 2018 – 2019
Ray Sandoval Morelia 2018
Pedro Gallese Veracruz 2016 – 2019
Wilder Cartagena Veracruz 2017 – 2019
Alexi Gomez Atlas 2018

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