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Kirin Cup

Eduardo Berizzo, coach of the Chilean national team, analyzed the loss of his team against Tunisia at the start of the Kirín Cup and also referred to waiting for FIFA’s ruling on the Byron Castillo case in the next few hours.

Eduardo Berizzo reacted to a question that invited optimism.
© Getty ImagesEduardo Berizzo reacted to a question that invited optimism.

Eduardo Berizzo began his journey as the new coach of the Chilean national team, a step that started in a complicated way as it fell 2-0 to South Korea in its debut, a score that was repeated against the also World Cup player Tunisia in the first match corresponding to the Kirin Cup.

However, after the commitment, the focus of his press conference went to what will happen in a few hours with the imminent ruling of FIFA in the face of the complaint led by Chile to Ecuador for the case of Byron Castillo, who would have played the Qualifiers South American women with forged documents.

A Japanese journalist informed him of a possible resolution in favor of the Red, who could enter the 2022 Qatar World Cup, something that the coach took in stride. “We have no information about the veracity of that news,” said who was an assistant in the era of Marcelo Bielsa.

For Toto, it is an issue that he handles with caution and simply waits for what may happen this Friday. “We don’t know if that was the case, I can’t answer that. We are oblivious to the resolution, expectant yes, but we are still apart and it is not part of the team’s day-to-day,” he pointed out.

Beyond that, he also talked about commitment. “The game changes between the first and second half. In the first we didn’t have the freshness to press properly, we weren’t in good physical shape due to the effort the other day. In the second half we improved, with more order, with tighter pressure, we got chances and We didn’t specify them. In the result we always want to avoid being defeated, but we are looking for the start of the process and for there to be rotation”.

Berizzo gives a positive assessment of what has been done so far in Asian lands. “For me it was very important to lead this tour, because of the learning about them, it is a contact that I value and everyone is under observation, everyone who came here is fighting for a space, we can draw very important conclusions from the three games that We are playing,” he said.

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