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Chilean National Team

The president of the ANFP, Pablo Milad, announced a friendly match between the Chilean under 23 team against Uruguay for the second half of July on national soil and it will be the same Toto who will sit on the bench.

Toto Berizzo will direct the match of the Red under 23.
© ANFP CommunicationsToto Berizzo will direct the match of the Red under 23.

The technical director of the Chilean team, Eduardo Berizzoleaves behind the tour of Asia that marked his debut as the new coach of the national representative and Toto already has his next challenge, which will be in charge of the red under 23.

As announced by the president of the ANFP, Pablo Milad, in the middle of the ceremony that gave the 1962 World Cup players their star on the Chilean Soccer Walk of Fame, Berizzo and the Chilean Under 23 team will face their similar Uruguay on July 20 in Iquique.

And Berizzo already directed the Red under 23 when he was Marcelo Bielsa’s assistant in the Everybody Team. In 2008, El Loco played in parallel the Esperanzas de Toulon tournament, while Toto headed to Asia to play the so-called Malaysian Intercontinental Cup.

In that list of Berizzo were the goalkeepers Gregory Saavedra and Richard Leyton; Agustín Parra, Alfonso Parot, Carlos Labrín, Pablo González, Gerardo Cortés, Daud Gazale, Jorge Gálvez, Francisco Pizarro, Leonardo Saavedra, Lucas Domínguez, Paulo Magalhaes, Francisco Alarcón, David Llanos, Osvaldo González, Felipe Seymour and Roberto Cereceda.

Then, Berizzo’s U23 Red team thrashed Togo (5-1), lost to Australia (1-2), defeated Croatia (1-0) by the minimum score and fell in the semifinals against Nigeria (1-2) .

It should be remembered that Eduardo Berizzo’s adult team comes from losing (0-2) to South Korea in a friendly and against Tunisia in the Kirin Cup (0-2), plus the goalless draw and subsequent defeat on penalties against Ghana ( 1-3) for the semifinals of the tournament held in Japan.

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