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The Galo team announced through their social networks the hiring of the Argentine coach, who is coming to replace Cuca.

Eduardo Coudet
© GettyEduardo Coudet

Eduardo Vargas had a great end to the season with Atlético Mineiro. After a very opaque season, Turboman came out on top and scored four goals in the last four gameswho ended up returning ownership and smiles to the striker.

The cast from Belo Horizonte also managed to qualify for the Copa Libertadores. Although it is not to the group stage, it’s a nice consolation prize for a team that was betting on fighting much higher in the Brasileirao and in the Libertadores itself.

However, despite the good closing of the tournament, the leadership of the French team decided not to continue with Cuca in command of the team and they focused on the search for a new coach. And there is already a selected one: it is the Argentine Eduardo “Chacho” Coudet.

The trans-Andean, which several times it sounded like an option to lead Chilewill have the difficult task of qualifying the Brazilians to the group stage and also returning to the top positions a cast that had just emerged as champions of the Brazilian league in 2021.

However, this election brings a blanket of uncertainty for the Chilean striker. And it is that Cuca He had already recognized that he wanted to continue counting on Vargas for the 2023 seasonHowever, with a new coach, the evaluation could change and could mean the beginning of the end of his journey through Brazilian lands.

In any case, it is too soon to say if Coudet will be incinerated by continuity de Vargas or opt for other alternatives. DT just signed this Saturday and when the players return on vacation they will make the determinations of the case.

It is worth remembering that Vargas, for now, must attend training for the Brazilian team once they resume. And it is that he has a contract until the year 2024so any departure will be more complicated, including the chance that he will finally have his great return to Universidad de Chile.

On Coudet’s side, it is his return to South America after training Celta de Vigo for two seasons. He had already led Inter Porto Alegre in Brazil, although by far His most successful steps as DT have been with Racing Club and Rosario Central de Argentina

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