Edward Still after the loss against Genk: "Their bench is worth as much money as our whole eleven"

Leysen: It’s my first game and my teammates really gave me confidence. We were really good in the second half and I think we could have scored more than 3 goals.

Heymans: We played 4 games in Europe Play Off and it’s still the same. We always play a good period and then we crack in the second half. Our supporters support us and I think today we tried everything and it’s a shame to lose. I don’t know if I’ll stay in Charleroi or if I’ll go back to Venice, there are a lot of parameters that come into play.

Storck: The first half was not so bad, then in the second half we were really strong. Paintsil has been really good and when he is confident he is an exceptional player. Onuachu, Ito are also good players.

Still: We were well in the game in the first half, we even had the opportunity to fold the game but unfortunately we didn’t manage to do so. In the second half it was really more complicated. Genk’s first goal, Onuachu and Ito are to be congratulated. The second is really no success and the third is an individual error. It should also be pointed out that the value of their bench represents the whole of our eleven on the pitch. And that made the difference.

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