Berlin in May 2018: Tankard sing about the DFB Cup in the Olympic Stadium, which Eintracht won two hours later.
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Of: Oliver German

Tankard updates the entrance music in the Waldstadion and wants to end up in the official charts. The album is available in advance of the game against Bayern Munich.

The new season begins and the unity has Bayern Munich and Real Madrid right in front of him. And who knows who else will come in the first Champions League season in the club’s history. Clubs like Unterhaching or Wattenscheid, against which it felt like 300 years ago, are far away. That’s why the band Tankard around Eintracht noble fan “Gerre” thought it was time to record the song that has been booming out of the boxes in the stadium since 2006 when the teams arrive.

Instead of “from Haching to Wattenscheid”, the newly recorded song says “from Antwerp to Seville”. At this point, Gerre reveals in an interview with FR, castanets can also be heard briefly. “No more second division” is also a scenario that Eintracht fans are currently not concerned with, so it’s now “European Cup this year, a single scream”.

SGE entry music in the Waldstadion re-recorded

In the chorus, Tankard no longer oracles about the DFB Cup, but lets the facts speak for themselves: “We have the UU-Efa Cup,” the heavy metal band rightly roars. “That was always sung by thousands of fans last season anyway,” explains Gerre, explaining the motives for the European Cup version of “Schwarz- und Weiß wie Schnee”, which is now being performed in memory of club legend Jürgen Grabowski, who died this year, “Mit the Jürgen, for the Jürgen “is called.

Berlin in May 2018. Tankard singing in the Olympic Stadium about the DFB Cup, which Eintracht won two hours later Photo: Arne Dedert/dpa © Arne Dedert/dpa

In order to market the new recording better, a mini-album had to be made, of course. A single song would not be enough for that. So Gerre came up with the idea of ​​giving other Frankfurt bands their version of the Eintracht cult song for the best. The CD now also includes versions of Roy Hammer & die Pralinées and Revolte Tanzbein, which, well, sound different. “Roy Hammer’s version is pure Ballermann,” reveals Gerre.

Revolte Tanzbein contributes a ska reggae interpretation. Also on the disc is a live version of the newly recorded piece that Tankard performed at a performance in Wiesbaden’s Kesselhaus in June. There is also a track from the new studio album, which will be released at the end of September.

200 exclusive copies: New Tankard album available in the fan shop for the game against FC Bayern

The mini-album, whose cover was once again designed by Eintracht artist Michael Apitz, will be released on August 12th. However, 200 copies should already be available in the Eintracht shop at the stadium before the kick-off against Bayern (8.30 p.m.). The pre-orders went well. “2000 copies were pressed and it’s already being pressed again,” says Gerre, who is certain that the disc will also make it into the official LP charts.

After that, the singer promises, it will also be good with versions of the Eintracht classic. “Unless we get the German championship or the Champions League,” Gerre adds to be on the safe side. (Oliver Teusch)

The opening game of the 60th Bundesliga season will take place on Friday (5 August) in Frankfurt. If you can’t be there in the stadium, you can watch the game in the TV and in the live ticker pursue.

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