Europa League: Madness in Frankfurt!  Eintracht beats West Ham and is in the final
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Of: Florian Schimak

Europa League: Madness in Frankfurt! Eintracht beats West Ham and is in the final © IMAGO / Jan Huebner

Eintracht Frankfurt made it through to the final in the second leg of the Europa League semifinals against West Ham United.

  • Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 West Ham United (1-0)
  • The second leg in the semi-finals of the Europa League was coming up
  • For the first time in 42 years, the Hessians are in a European final

Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 West Ham United (1-0)

Lineup Eintracht: Trapp – Tuta, Hinteregger (from 8th Touré), Ndicka – Knauff, Rode (from 76th Jakic), Sow, Kostic – Hauge (from 82nd Hrustic), Kamada – Borré )from 82nd Pacencia)
Lineup West Ham: Areola – Coufal, Dawson, Zouma, Creswell (from 21st Johnson) – Rice, Soucek – Bowen, Lanzini, Pablo Fornals (from 74th Benrahma) – Antonio
Goals: 1-0 Borré (26′)
Red card: Cresswell (20’/emergency brake, West Ham), Moyes (78’/unsportsmanship, West Ham)

— Conclusion: It was deserved. Point! Eintracht Frankfurt is in a European final for the first time in 21 years. —

90th + 5 minutes: FINISH! OUT OF! PAST! Eintracht Frankfurt is in the final of the Europa League.

90th + 3 minutes: The Eintracht fans are already marching from the stands and standing behind the gate at the gang. Hope everything stays calm!

90th +1 minute: There’s an extra five minutes…

90 minutes: Almost equal! Soucek heads the ball from five meters but next to the goal. Unbelievable Dusel for Eintracht.

88 minutes: Whoa! Antonio again, wonderfully unlocked by Rice! The West Ham attacker fails on the attentive Trapp. Two more minutes…

87 minutes: Toure tries from a distance, but Areola deflects the ball over the bar. The corner that follows is also dangerous, but all SGE players miss the sharp cross in the six-yard box.

83 minutes: Almost the 2:0! Substitute Pacencia breaks free after a Kostic cross in the middle, but then puts the ball just wide of the goal. Pity!

82 minutes: Heated phase now in the game! Knauff and Benrahma clash and both see yellow cards.

Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham NOW in the live ticker: sending off!  SGE leads in majority
Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham NOW in the live ticker: sending off! SBU leads in majority © IMAGO / Revierfoto

78 minutes: The game is briefly interrupted because of fisticuffs on the sidelines. West Ham coach Moyes is sent off with a red card for batting the ball away.

74 minutes: Kostic tries from the left from an acute angle – outside netting! Fingers crossed for another 15 minutes!

69 minutes: Now another SGE degree! Kamada gets the ball in the penalty area, pulls it up once and finishes with the left – but misses the goal.

Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham NOW in the live ticker: final phase! Does the SGE have to tremble again?

64 minutes: The hosts are now increasing the number of strokes and putting Frankfurt on the defensive. But the Hessians are still in good shape and don’t allow anything decisive.

60 minutes: West Ham again! Antonio fires a cross from the left into the middle, Dawnson has moved up and heads the ball on goal. But Trapp is there!

57 minutes: Dangerous attack of the guests! Bowen plays a ball from the right into the penalty area, where Tuta clears the tackle at the very last second.

54 minutes: Knauff picks up an unwanted cross from Kostic and dribbles into the middle, where he falls on the five. But no foul, correct decision by referee Gil Mazano.

49 minutes: First degree in the second half! Hauge frees Borré in the penalty area. The ball bounces off the Colombian’s foot, but he quickly volleys it on goal. But Areola is there and catches the ball.

46 minutes: Let’s continue in Frankfurt!

— Half-time conclusion: Eintracht Frankfurt leads 1-0 at the break against West Ham United. This means that the Hessians are only 45 minutes away from reaching the final of the Europa League. The visitors need two goals for extra time. Despite Hinteregger’s early injury, the SBU was focused from the start. The dismissal of Cresswell in the 20th minute put Frankfurt in the cards. In the 25th minute Borré let the Eintracht fans cheer. But there are still 45 minutes to go. —

45th + 4 minutes: Break in the Frankfurt city forest! The Hessians deservedly lead 1-0 against West Ham.

45th +1 minute: Completion of Unity! Rode tries the art shot with his left hand from 16 meters, but the ball goes a meter past Areola’s box.

45 minutes: There’s four minutes on top of that…

44 minutes: Lucky for the Hessians! Zouma is free at the far post after a free-kick from the right, but Ndicka clears the line and prevents the equaliser.

40 minutes: Five minutes until the break whistle. Frankfurt currently has everything under control, manages the lead and is defensively secure.

33 minutes: Eintracht is now in full swing! Sure, she leads and is one man more. However: You can’t write off the guests, even if West Ham now need at least two goals for an extension. But at least since yesterday we know that nothing is impossible.

Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham NOW in the live ticker! SGE leads in majority

25 minutes: GOOOOOOOOOR! Unity leads! Knauff is wonderfully freed on the right, puts it back from the baseline, where Borrè breaks away super and converts ice cold from eleven meters to 1:0!

20 minutes: Kostic put the subsequent free kick just outside the box. So it’s still 0-0 – but the Hessians are now one man more.

19 minutes: The VAR intervenes, Manzano looks at the scene again – and sends Cresswel off! The Eintracht early in the majority.

Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham NOW in the live ticker!  SBU leads
Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham NOW in the live ticker! SBU leads © IMAGO / Revierfoto

17 minutes: Excitement in the West Ham penalty area! Tuta plays a wide ball, Hauge beats Creswell, who brings down the SGE attacker just outside the penalty area. Actually a clear red card, but the referee gives yellow first…

13 minutes: Disrupted start here. Eintracht is currently trying to be safe, the Hinteregger shock is noticeable. West Ham have been more active so far.

Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham NOW in the live ticker! Early shock for the SGE

8 minutes: Early change of hosts. Toure replaces injured fan favorite Hinteregger.

5 minutes: Early shock for Eintracht! Hinteregger comes to a halt after a duel with Antonio and immediately indicates that he needs to be substituted. Looks like a hamstring injury. Is that bitter!

3rd minute: First corner for the guests from London! Eintracht does not get the ball out of the penalty area immediately, so there is a brief danger – but then Sow clears it.

1st minute: kick-off! The ball rolls.

Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham live: where is the Europa League on TV and stream today?
Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham live: where is the Europa League on TV and stream today? © IMAGO / PA Images

Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham NOW in the live ticker: Can the SBU make it to the final?

Update from May 5th, 8:57 p.m.: Crazy what’s going on in Frankfurt in the Waldstadion – the fans are amazing, the choreography is gigantic! We’re already hot! It’s about to start.

Update from May 5th, 8:41 p.m.: Eintracht Frankfurt can enter a European final for the first time in 42 years. That was in 1980 when Hessen won the UEFA Cup. By the way, the opponent in the final was also a German team: Borussia Mönchengladbach lost to the SBU at the time. A German-German final would also be possible this year.

Update from May 5th, 8:33 p.m.: In less than half an hour, the ball will be rolling in Frankfurt’s Waldstadion, now known as Deutsche Bank Park. The referee of the game is Jesus Gil Manzano from Spain.

Update from May 5th, 7:55 p.m.: The line-up of Eintracht Frankfurt is here! No big surprises with the Glasner team. It wasn’t enough for Lindström, Jens Petter Hauge is in the starting XI for him. In addition, Ndicka gets the preference over Toure.

Update from May 5th, 6:08 p.m.: In just under two hours we will know more about lineups. Then both teams will present their teams. It will be interesting to see who SGE coach Oliver Glasner will send into the race for what is probably the most important game in recent years.

Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham United in the live ticker

First report from May 5th: Munich/Frankfurt – It’s served! Eintracht Frankfurt battles West Ham United for a place in the final of the Europe League, which will take place in Seville on May 18th. In the first leg in London, SBU laid the foundation with a 2-1 win. Are the Hessen fans making the local Deutsche Bank Park a madhouse on Thursday? At the same time also fights RB Leipzig at Glasgow Rangers for a place in the final (first leg 1-0).

In terms of sport, the Frankfurters have mostly rested their stars in the league so that they are now fit for the big game. Therefore, the latest results have little significance. For the SBU there was a bearable 0:2 defeat at Bayer Leverkusen. The Hammers, meanwhile, lost to Arsenal in the premier league.

Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. West Ham in the live ticker – several arrests before the game

Bad: Before the game between Eintracht and West Ham, there were already some negative incidents in Frankfurt. The police already had their hands full before the semi-final second leg. A few hours before kick-off, officials reported the arrest of over 30 rampaging fans from both camps.

Video: Eintracht Frankfurt and RB Leipzig before entering the Europa League final

According to the police, they had to “intervene at several locations because supporters of both clubs who were seeking violence were fighting or wanted to fight”. 5,000 supporters from England are expected in Frankfurt, including so-called “risk fans”. (smk/sid)

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