Cem Kara (left) decided the duel against the U21s from Eintracht Frankfurt.
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Of: Tino Weingarten

Cem Kara (left) decided the duel against the U21s from Eintracht Frankfurt. © Charlie Rolff

Kreso Ljubicic, player-coach of FC Hanau 93, indicated after the 2-1 (0-1) win against the U21s of Eintracht Frankfurt what could become everyday life for the young players of the SBU in this Hessenliga season: straight away the people of Frankfurt meet teams that are highly motivated.

800 spectators formed an excellent setting in Hanau. “It was great fun. It’s great for the young players to play in front of such a big crowd. That motivates even more,” said Ljubicic and thus found the transition to a season forecast for Eintracht: “These are a great team that will end up in the top five. But they will always have a hard time, especially away from home, because it will always be the absolute highlight of the season for the opponents.”

FC Hanau 93: Kreso Ljubicic speaks of a deserved win against Eintracht Frankfurt

This also applies to his team, the Eintracht U21s who constantly tried to push to improve the quality of play, which the SGE demonstrated on Tuesday in particular in the 5-0 win against Viktoria Griesheim, not to let it unfold. But initially the project did not succeed because the guests took the lead through the Spaniard Ignacio Ferri (13th).

Nevertheless, Ljubicic was satisfied with the performance of Hanau, as they kept creating chances and implemented their own tactics well after the goal. “That’s why I couldn’t say much at half-time. They played well and at some point we had to reward ourselves,” he said. That was also possible with a double strike: Cem Kara first took advantage of the confusion and scored to equalize (66′), five minutes later the playmaker converted a penalty kick to victory (71′).

“The victory is not lucky, but absolutely deserved,” emphasized Hanau’s player-coach, who was particularly impressed by the manner of the second win of the season: “I’ve been here for a year now and our development, our game, is getting better and better. It’s great that the team accepted that.” For the Eintracht Frankfurt U21s it was the second away defeat after the start in Alzenau.

The stats:

FC Hanau 93: Brao; Sejdovic, Ljubicic, Kara, Ferukoski, Senturk, Samardzic, Unal, Bejic, Vassiliou, Kaiser.

Eintracht Frankfurt U21: Bignetti; Otto, Alikhil, Ferri, Loune, Brauburger, Bobson, Wachs, Sejdovic, Cassaniti, Little.

Referee: Patrick Werner (SKG Bauschheim).

Viewers: 800

Gates: 0: 1 Ignacio Ferri (13th), 1: 1 Cem Kara (66th), 2: 1 Cem Kara (71st, penalty kick).

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