Elected in Calvados, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, speaks about the result of the legislative elections: "This situation constitutes a risk for our country."

As a “central force in this new Assembly”, “we will work from tomorrow to build a majority of action, there is no alternative to this gathering to guarantee our country stability and continue the necessary reforms”, said the head of government from Matignon, after a long meeting at the Elysée.

“Multiple sensitivities will have to be combined and good compromises built in order to act in the service of France. The French are calling on us to come together for the country,” she added.

Ms. Borne admitted that the political situation was “unprecedented” because “the National Assembly has never experienced such a configuration under the Fifth Republic”.

“This situation constitutes a risk for our country in view of the challenges we have to face both nationally and internationally,” she said.

“With the President of the Republic, we are going to work in dialogue listening to the French and the living forces in all the territories”, she promised.

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