Victor Maygurov

None of the candidates received two-thirds of the votes. The current president of the RBU, Viktor Maigurov, was supported by 35 delegates, the vice-president of the organization, Alexei Nuzhdov, by 18. Maigurov lacked one vote to win

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Victor Maygurov

(Photo: TASS)

The current president of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) Viktor Maigurov could not be re-elected for a second term at the reporting and election conference of the organization in Moscow, reports TASS.

On Thursday, June 23, none of the candidates received two-thirds of the votes. Maigurov was supported by 35 delegates, Vice-President of the RBU Alexei Nuzhdov – 18. Maigurov lacked one vote to win.

In this regard, it was decided that the re-election of the President of the RBU will be held at an extraordinary conference, presumably at the end of August. A simple majority will be needed to win the re-election.

The head of the RRF decided to sue those who filed a complaint against him with the prosecutor’s office

Viktor Maygurov

Maygurov has been heading the organization since 2020, he became the head of the RRF in early elections. Maigurov was on the board of the RBU under Mikhail Prokhorov, who headed the organization from 2008 to 2014, and after the Sochi Olympics, he served as First Vice President of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) for four years.

Nuzhdov came to the RRF together with Maigurov’s predecessor Vladimir Drachev, he heads the biathlon federation of the Moscow region.

Before the elections, the chairman of the council of the RBU, Alexander Yeslev, on behalf of this organization, filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office against Maygurov. The council believes that Maigurov is misusing the multimillion-dollar funds from sponsors and the Ministry of Sports that come to the budget of the RRF. Maygurov said that he would file a “counterclaim for the protection of honor and dignity against each signatory of this “statement”.

Earlier, the president of the Tatarstan Biathlon Federation, Ildar Nugmanov, accused Maygurov of putting pressure on regional organizations on the eve of the RBU elections.

At the Beijing Olympics, Russian biathletes won four medals: bronze in the men’s and mixed relays, pursuit (Eduard Latypov) and silver in the women’s relay.

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