Abdelatif Hwidar in a scene from "Elite" (Photo: Netflix)

“Elite” and “The Crown” premiered new episodes on Netflix, which has been celebrated by users. These are two internationally popular productions and few did not know that an actor was shared among its cast.

The spanish program reappeared in the streaming platform on Friday, November 18, 2022, with more adventures in the holm oaks. While the program on Princess Diana He did it before and took more attention before the death of the Queen isabel II.

Between school and royalty, these productions have earned a place among the most viewed stories on Netflixinternationally, with murky, moving stories that reflect two different moments in Spain and United Kingdom.

For this reason, many have been surprised that there is an interpreter who has the luxury of ensuring that he has been in two major productions, although not at the same time due to a matter of time and opportunity. Learn about the actor here “Elite” which also appears in “The Crown”.

Abdelatif Hwidar in a scene from “Elite” (Photo: Netflix)


Abdelatif Hwidar is the actor of “Elite” that appears in season 5 of “The Crown”. The Spanish actor is in charge of giving life to Aly Aly Fayed in the British Netflix series. His character is Dodi’s grandfather, who fell in love with Lady Di.

In this way, Hwidar He became the first Spanish interpreter to be part of the cast of the production dedicated to the british royalty. Speaking to Ceuta Televisión, he said that it was an experience “fascinating” and that competed with other international actors for the position.

“It has been an experience, and also unexpected, because there were Egyptian actors to play an Egyptian and they chose me”, he commented to the aforementioned medium. The television figure, however, has not promoted his work on his social networks, so few knew he was in “The Crown”.

The interpreter had participated in the first seasons of “Elite” as the father of Omar and Nadie. His life in Las Encinas, however, is over and now he continues his journey in other productions, such as “Christ and King” by Atresplayer.

Abdelatif Hwidar talking in a scene from "The Crown" (Photo: Netflix)

Abdelatif Hwidar talking in a scene from “The Crown” (Photo: Netflix)

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