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Emilia Mernes and her reaction to trying Broncano’s calluses: "You are going to sing the anthem"

Emilia Mernes and her reaction to trying Broncano's calluses: "You are going to sing the anthem"

Emilia Mernes visit the program Movistar+ with the intention of promoting his concert tour that he will do this summer in Spain, the country he is visiting for the first time, and ‘The resistance’ gave him a warm welcome explaining a bit of general culture in the purest style of David Broncano.

First, they began with gastronomy by showing him a plate of tripe from Madrid. Emilia Mernes I didn’t know what it was and Broncano He explained it with irony: “It is traditional from Madrid and it is fresh. They are pork intestines with a summer sauce. It’s practically vegan,” said the presenter.

He gave Argentina “impression that is gut”but Broncano told him that, if he tried it, he would feel “Spain very strong”. “You will sing the anthem”, I commented. However, knowing that the Spanish anthem has no lyrics, Emilia Mernes don’t believe it.

Emilia Mernes, about Froiln: “He is a character”

After humming the hymn, Broncano said that they used to shout ‘Viva Froiln’, a person who Emilia Mernes I don’t know either. “Froiln is…” and the audience began to laugh at what he could say. “If you go to a festival you will find it”.

“Is a characterEmilia commented, to which Broncano agreed: “Yes, the truth is that I do.” “He is one of the grandchildren of King Juan Carlos, who is no longer king, and he is the second or third in line.” of succession But the people want him to be our king because he is the king we deserve, he is very partying“, added the presenter of ‘The resistance’. “He likes to fuck”, nuanced Emilia Mernes.

The concerts that the Argentine artist will give in Spain will be: June 11 at the Boombastic Festival; on June 19 at the Reggaeton Beach Festival; on July 8 at the Sala La Daurada (Barcelona); July 9 in Biloca (Lleida); on July 15 at the Maleducats Festival (Terrasa); on July 21 at the Boombastic Festival of Asturias; on July 29 at the BCM Club de Mallorca; on September 2 at the Coca-Cola Festival in Madrid and on September 3 at the Negrita Music Festival in Santander.

David Broncano tries to explain to Emilia Mernes who Froiln is: “He is the king we deserve”

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