Carlos Silva Rojas

The defender of the Cacique analyzed the complicated victory they reached this Monday at La Granja against Curicó Unido, which allows them to be the sole leader of the National Championship.

Love again played with some physical problems
© AgencyOneLove again played with some physical problems

One of the most even players in colo colo he is the central defender Emiliano Lovewho had a good role in the victory against United Curicoespecially in the second half, when the tortero cast went over.

The former defender from Vélez spoke with GiveAlbo after the commitment, and he was happy, because they took three fundamental points from a very difficult field.

“Very difficult game, they play well, they have a good midfield, good strikers, they know what they play, we were very intense the first half, the second we went down and when we went down it shows a lot. We had to defend ourselves, Brayan (Cortés) served two impressive balls, it shows that he is a national team goalkeeper. We had to endure, when we lower the intensity any team that plays well puts you in a goal, “he said.

“The team is well, psyched up, convinced, we always want to be protagonists, sometimes we can and sometimes not. Today the first half, not the second, but we try to play as many minutes as possible. And in the Copa Libertadores we are also very excited about moving forward,” he added.

Lastly, Amor spoke about his physical problems, pointing out that he is not one hundred percent, but with the help of the medical staff and his colleagues he can move on.

“All the players always play with some pain, I’m coping with it as best as possible, we have to overcome it with the help of the kinesiologist, the teammates and the coaching staff,” he closed.

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