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Next, we explain to you which are the 27 senators who would see their mandate reduced if the option of Approval of the New Constitution wins.

End of the Senate
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On September 4, the historic vote for the Exit Plebiscite will take placein which citizens will have to choose between the new and the current Magna Carta.

Let us remember that, in the event that he wins the I approvethe President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, will have to proclaim and swear to respect the New Constitutiondrafted by the Constitutional Convention.

In the opposite case of winning the Rejection, The current Constitution of 1980 will remain in force.

One of the proposals of the New Constitution, which has caused the most doubts and controversy, has been that of end the Senate and its replacement by the Chamber of the Regionswhich aims to generate greater regional representation in Congress.

Specifically, the proposal provides that the Senate, including all sitting senators, They must conclude their functions on March 11, 2026. Because of this, it could reduce to four years the mandate of the senators who took office last March.

In any case, those parliamentarians may apply for the positions of the Congress of Deputies or the Chamber of Regions, who will be defined in 2025 to start the following year.

Next, we tell you who these senators are.

Which senators would see their terms reduced in four years?

The 27 senators who would see their term reduced to half a term if the Approval wins are the following:

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