Energy crisis: "Those who have the most are more peaceful than ever and those who have the least suffer more than ever"

This Monday, around Maxime Binet’s table on the show We need to talkwere Michel Kacenelenbogen, director of the theater “Le Public”, Julie Foulon, community leader and founder of “GIRLEEK” and finally Alexis Carantonis, editor-in-chief of the DH. be.

To flesh out the debates, the team received Maxime Jacques, journalist specializing in football and cycling for the DH, Adel El Gammal, secretary general of the EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) and Christine Mahy, secretary general of the Walloon network for the fight against poverty (RWLP).

Tonight’s debates revolved around several themes, including the Red Devils, climate conferences and financial independence for teenagers.

The presence of football players in Qatar was questioned, as well as the real impact of the recent COP27 as well as the impact of the energy crisis on youth. A strong sentence from Alexis Carantonis sums up this last point addressed: “Those who have the most are calmer than ever and those who have the least suffer more than ever”

Watch the entire show in the video above.

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