English analyst does wear rainbow band in Qatari stadium: "Football is not for everyone at this World Cup"


The rainbow bracelet for captains at the World Cup is banned, but English football analyst Alex Scott does not care. She was in the stadium in Qatar, just before the match between England and Iran, with the armband and was critical of FIFA CEO Gianni Infantino.

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Scott, a former top-level football star in England and an important face of the UK’s LBGTQ community, is an analyst on the World Cup in Qatar for British national broadcaster BBC. She showed on Monday that she does not think it is possible that the rainbow bracelet should not be worn by captains at the football party. She then put it on herself in the stadium.

“Many people from the community have not traveled to this World Cup because of fears about the rules in Qatar,” Scott said. She then addressed FIFA President Gianni Infantino. “You are not gay. You will never understand us. You don’t know what it is to fear for your life when you come to countries like this just for the sake of whom you love. Football is for everyone, but that is not the case with this World Cup. You can’t keep saying that as FIFA.”

She also said she had thought about it for a long time. “It would be an easy choice for me not to go here. But I will not let my love for football take away from me.”

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