Samuel Eto'o appears after the resolution of Justice

In recent times, the former Barcelona player, Samuel Eto’o, was at the center of the news for various legal issues. At the beginning of this year he went through a judicial process that culminated in an order that required him to recognize as biological daughter Erika do Rosario, who had filed a lawsuit four years ago. This time he accepted the sentence imposed by the Justice after having defrauded the Public Treasury in Spain for millions of euros.

Along with his former representative José María Mesalles, they were sentenced to 22 months and one year in prison, respectively, after what happened between 2006 and 2009. The Cameroonian confessed to having been responsible for what happened, but indirectly held Mesalles responsible, whom he recognizes as a “second father”. “It was my father who took care of the boy I was then. I will pay but I have always done what my father told me that he had to do “he declared.

In fact, the current president of the Cameroon Football Federation sued at the time against his former representative for alleged crimes of fraud and misappropriation in the management of his assets, a matter that is still in the investigation phase.

Although the Prosecutor’s Office requested sentences of up to 10 and a half years for both, in addition to the payment of compensation and fines that exceed 14 million, Eto’o finally agreed to 22 months in jail although he will not step foot in jail. Justice found him guilty of a tax fraud of 3.8 million euros after improperly taxing the income derived from the transfer of his image rights to the sports brand Puma and FC Barcelona.

The former player should have done it on his personal income tax return, but he did it through two companies, which led to a trial that lasted several years. Finally, both have agreed to return the amount defrauded and the execution of the release will be suspended since neither of them has a criminal record. After acknowledging the facts and having partially repaired the damage with the return of part of the defrauded fees, the Public Prosecutor’s Office decided to lower the requested penalty.

Although Eto’o acknowledged the accusations, Mesalles preferred not to testify before admitting the facts, in a conformity trial in which the third defendant, Jesús Lastre, administrator of one of the holding companies used in the fraud, has been acquitted. .

Samuel Eto’o appears after the resolution of Justice

The former Chelsea striker will have to pay four fines, one for each offence, and its value is around two million euros while his former representative will have to pay another four for a total value of 905,155 euros.

The other court ruling that Eto’o faced this year.

Samuel Eto’o was going through a legal process that reached a resolution in February: the 40-year-old former player will have to recognize Erika do Rosario as his biological daughter, who had filed a lawsuit four years ago, and will have to pay her an alimony.

Since 2018, Erika wanted the former Barcelona player to recognize her after having a bond with her mother Adileusa do Rosario. At the end of the 90s they had been in a brief relationship from which this young woman was born, who today at the age of 22 was finally recognized as the daughter of the Cameroonian soccer player. At that time, Eto’o was a member of Espanyol, but it was only in 2018 that she found out who her father was.

In an interview with the ABC newspaper, Adileusa do Rosario recounted: “When I told him that I was pregnant, he replied that I was like all the ‘pu ** s’ who are looking for soccer players, that I was a slut ** and that if I didn’t abort, I was going to find out. I was in love with him and I thought he would be better with me”.

On three occasions the athlete was asked to appear in Madrid to take a DNA test, but he did not do so and, according to the lawyer in an interview with the newspaper El País, it was impossible to contact him. “I wanted the DNA test to be done, because since these are very famous people, it is 100% verified. Also because justice in these cases is always cautious with the plaintiff and protective of the defendant. But we have already asked the judge to pass the sentence,” he explained.

Finally, in February, the Civil Court of First Instance number 83 of Plaza de los Cubos in Madrid, decided that Eto’o should recognize Erika as his eighth daughter and pay him a monthly pension of 1,400 euros. The other sons and daughters are: Annie, Etienne, Junior, Sona, Sienna, Lynn, Maelle and finally Erika.

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