Eurovision: yellow wolves, bananas, musette ball and... Ukraine in the final (Update)

Ukraine, the great favorite of bookmakers (and its 5 million views on Youtube with its Kalush Orchestra on the title Stefania halfway between traditional singing and Ukrainian rap), has therefore obtained its ticket for the Eurovision final . Despite the complicated situation of the country, the group wanted to participate with a message of peace – and a tribute to the mother of the founder of the group – and not political. Many Ukrainian flags were present in the room, as were some participants (Lithuania).

17 countries participated in tonight’s first semi-final and only 10 of them could win Saturday’s sesame. On the theme of The Sounds of Beauty, the evening was of high musical quality with a staging between water and fire that delighted viewers. In addition to the “big five” already qualified (France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy), there will therefore still be ten other tickets to be filled this Thursday (day of passage of our flag carrier) for the grand finale.

If Albania surprised with its singer with suggestive choreography, a sort of energetic Albanian Madonna, she was not retained. Unlike the Moldavian musette ball. For their third participation, Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers caused a stir with their folkloric Trenulețul in carnival mode or a festive Moldavian fair. A group as delirious in sound as in its costumes.

Wacky Daft Punk

Without forgetting those who have the banana, literally and figuratively. Namely the Norwegian duo completely lit. Nicknamed the largest group in the galaxy by stipulating that they have existed for 4 to 5 billion years on their home planet, the moon, Subwoofer pushes the delirium to the limit. A crazy look like only Eurovision has the secret. With their title Give Tha Wolf a Banana, Subwoofer are actually dancing yellow wolves in tuxedos. Their hopping choreography in the Gangnam style is likely to be all the rage on this delirious electro track. It’s like being in Mask Singer or witnessing the new wacky Daft Punk.

Between a tribute to the late star of Italian television Raffaella Carra who was to present the evening and the presentation of the song in Breton from France or the Italian duo, we will also note that Switzerland, Armenia in folk mode, the Iceland, Lithuania (and its singer “at the Mireille Matthieu cut” according to Maureen Louys), Portugal, Greece and the Netherlands also had their ticket for the final on May 14. See you this Thursday evening, on Tipik, to follow the performance of the Belgian Jérémie Makiese on Miss You.

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