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Sao Paulo

Tricolor Paulista faces Palmeiras on Thursday night (23), for the Copa do Brasil

Silas is an idol for São Paulo and commented on Ceni's team (Photo: Reproduction/ESPN)
Silas is an idol for São Paulo and commented on Ceni’s team (Photo: Reproduction/ESPN)

After the defeat to Palmeiras last Monday (20), the coach Rogerio Ceni hinted at the post-game press conference that if it depended on their wishes, the Sao Paulo would enter the field for the first match of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil with an alternative team.

The coach understands that the Brasileirão is a priority and the team comes from serious wear and tear with the accumulation of matches. Bolavip Brasil found that the board would not intervene in the choice and the players said they want to play in the classic. The Club’s idol, former midfielder Silas, commented on the situation in an interview with ESPN.

“I would put the best team I had today. Even because the crowd is giving an answer that another would not. Another crowd would go to the CT to make trouble. The crowd is embracing the team. And Rogério, the team, has to embrace the crowd too”, said Silas.

“I don’t know who will work on Thursday… It’s a choice, the direction has to choose. Do you want to risk everything on Thursday against Palmeiras? We risk everything, you can lose a player through injury. And you’ll be tired against Juventude on Sunday (26th)… It’s not just up to me, you can be sure”, he added.

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