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Behind the scenes, the blonde would be quite upset with the situation

Photo 1: Playback/Instagram/@anitta |  Photo 2: Playback/Instagram/@luisasonza
Photo 1: Playback/Instagram/@anitta | Photo 2: Playback/Instagram/@luisasonza

Last Thursday (17), the Latin Grammy, which featured big names in Brazilian music. Among them were Anitaone of the hosts of the 23rd edition of the ceremony, and Luisa Sonza🇧🇷 According to information from columnist Léo Dias, from the Metrópoles portal, the atmosphere was not friendly between them.

That’s because they ran into each other at the Grammys’ After Party Presh but didn’t shake hands. According to the columnist, Luisa Sonza would have shown a little sadness about the situation and does not understand how the friendship between the two ended. Not even mutual friends could explain what happened.

According to Leo Dias, Anita would have circulated through the same space as Luisa Sonza throughout the entire night of the Grammy celebration. However, Girl From Rio would not have stopped to talk to her friend. It is worth noting that the party was promoted by Sony Music, the blonde’s new label, which promises to release it internationally.

At the after party, several artists attended and even appeared to be well connected, talking and having fun. Rosalía🇧🇷 Christina Aguilera🇧🇷 Carlos Vives🇧🇷 MaiaraMaraisa, Tiago Iorc🇧🇷 Ludmilla and other names were present. However, Anita and Luisaeven close to each other, did not have any interaction.

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