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National Championship

The Cruzados will travel to Viña del Mar to face the Ruleteros for date 21 of the national tournament.

Where to see Everton vs Universidad Católica for date 21 of the National Championship?
© Agency OneWhere to see Everton vs Universidad Católica for date 21 of the National Championship?

A new date is coming up National Championship and one of the most interesting duels is the duel that they will star Everton vs Catholic University at Sausalito Stadium.

The current Chilean soccer champions are in tenth place in the standings with 25 units, Without a doubt, during this season they have not performed sufficiently and are running out of margin for error.

During the past date Crusaders faced Cobresaland managed to add a valuable three points, after winning by the minimum account after the annotation of Diego Céspedes and ending the match.

On the sidewalk in front are the roulette wheels who are in seventh place in the standings with 28 points, earning a place to participate in the Copa Sudamericana. The Viñamarinos come confident to face the Cruzados, since last date they beat Curicó Unido 4-0 precisely one of the teams that is third in the tournament. Sebastián Sosa scored for the Ruleteros, Adrián Sánchez scored twice and Matías Campos López finished off the Curicanos, giving his team three valuable points.

The tournament is coming to an end and the Crusaders have few opportunities left to add new victories and thus climb the standings.

Day and time: When do Everton vs U. Católica play?

Everton vs U. Católica play this Saturday, August 6 at 5:30 p.m. in Chile.

Television: On which channel to watch Everton vs U. Católica live on TV?

The match will be broadcast on TNT Sports 2 and TNT Sports HDon the following channels depending on your cable operator:

TNT Sports HD
VTR: 855 (HD)
DTV: 1631 (HD)
ENTEL: 243 (HD)
CLEAR: 490 (HD)

TNT Sports 2
VTR: 165 (SD)
DTV: 631 (SD)
ENTEL: 242 (SD)
CLEAR: 190 (SD)
YOU SEE: 504 (SD)

Online: Who streams Everton vs U. Católica live?

To watch the meeting live by streaming you can do it at TNT Sports Stadium.

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