Everyone happy, right?

ANDhe athletic a party was held against a Real Madrid that continued to live in it. Everyone happy. The rojiblancos saved the season by leaving the Champions League on track and taking the joy of winning the derby. Madrid, without stopping smiling throughout the match, sold defeat dearly, ending up in the rival area. Entertaining game that did not deserve to be decided by a VAR penalty that was more than doubtful.

The night left Madrid with a great performance by Vallejo and Lunin, a new Jovic shipwreck, another mysterious disappearance of Mariano, a great match by Valverde during the half hour he was on the pitch and the laughter between Ancelotti and his players during the match. . Logically, there was not much tension.

At Atltico, Carrasco was the best along with Jan Oblak who supported Atltico in full madridista enthusiasm.

The corridor only appeared in an ugly banner hanging on the facade of the Metropolitan. The Atltico must reflect on his conduct and rule over him.

The derby was decided by a penalty

Atltico won because Martnez Munuera called Soto Grado for a stomp on Cunha in the Vallejo area, which in normal average football would remain an anecdote. But with VAR, no. In slow motion, which is how the referee saw the action, it’s a penalty, even though the logic of the game indicates otherwise. Prez Burrull, arbitration analyst for Radio MARCA, was clear about it. “It’s not a penalty, the VAR shouldn’t have called.”

Half Champions in your pocket

With the win against Real Madrid, Atlético already has more than half a place in the Champions League in their pocket. With Betis and Real in low hours, the distance of six and eight points should be more than enough. So everyone ended up happy at the Metropolitano. Madrid did not want a battle and Atlético was happy to win the derby and already has its objective for the season almost tied.

Vallejo was up to the task again

The center-back has crept into the team in Madrid’s big week and has responded in a big way. Starting the day of the alirn against Espanyol, capital in the last eight minutes against City and again in eleven in the derby, he has shown that he is a player who, when needed, delivers. Against Atltico de Madrid he was the best defensive player and didn’t shrink from the atmosphere or from the aggressiveness of the Atletico strikers.

“I only ask for one!”

Cholo shouted it looking at the sky after Carrasco’s shot to the post: “God, I only ask for one!”. The Atltico coach was desperate due to the lack of aim of his forwards, who collided with the post, with Lunin and with themselves, sending very clear chances out.

Atlético created many chances, more than on other occasions, and in the end they only ended up scoring from eleven metres.

Oblak-Valverde, what a duel!

Atlético had them clear… but Madrid too. The Valverde-Oblak duel was spectacular. The Uruguayan looked for the goal more than ever and did not stop aiming at the ‘rojiblanco’ goalkeeper, who saved his team with saves. Two spectacular Fede to which we must add another to Asensio. Nacho also had it, but he finished off with his shoulder and sent it up.

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