Everything happened in England-Iran: 24 minute extension!  Six changes in one selection!

More things could not happen in England-Irana meeting in which there was 24 minute extension, 14 in the first part and 10 in the second. In addition, Queiroz made six changes to the team, Beiranvand and Maguire were injured…

This was the spectacular clash that left Beiranvand KO

A few minutes after the start, 10′ had not been reached, a center from Kane caused a departure from Beiranvandthe goalkeeper from Iran, who collided with his partner Majid Hosseini. Face to face, a chilling image. After about ten minutes of assistance from the doctors, Beyranvand, who tried by all means to continue on the field of play, managed to get up, with the damaged septum, and kept playing. However, it barely lasted a minute. This time it was the assists, with a stretcher, which took the goalkeeper. He was replaced at 19′ by Hossein Hosseini. A break that caused an extension of 14 minutes in the first act.

World Cup Qatar 2022. Group B (Day 1): Summary and goals for England 6-2 Iran

The blows to the head

Precisely, that change due to the concussion of the goalkeeper caused Iran to carry out in the second part a sixth substitution allowed by the regulations whenever a player has to leave the field for a blow to the head

Later, already in the second act, came the Maguire’s lesion In England. The central defender was unable to continue due to injury and left his position to Diez in the 68th minute. And at the end, in the 10-minute extension of the second half, the referee, after going to see the VAR action for a grab by Stones, he pointed out penalty in favor of Iran.

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