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Sales started last Friday (29)

BBB official reproduction/Instagram - Some BBB 22 participants.
BBB official reproduction/Instagram – Some BBB 22 participants.

Last Friday (29), a formerBBB 22 announced that it has entered the business of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens). However, your trade will be differentiated, as it does not only offer the Token, but some exclusive prizes that change according to the type of NFT that the user buys.

Pedro Scooby is selling 30,000 assets on a website specializing in these ‘virtual pieces’. The most expensive package costs 15,500 matic (about R$90,000, converting into cryptocurrency), and includes a five-day trip with the surfer, interaction with celebrities at lunch, dinner and parties, as well as an exclusive gift with surfer signature.

Some other packages are cheaper. To purchase an invitation to the night parties organized by the ex-BBB, it is necessary to pay R$ 7 thousand. For fans who want to be live for 1 hour to interact with the surfer, they can pay around R$3,600.

The cheapest package, according to the Terra website, costs 124 matic (about R$720) and offers some perks as well. “These offer priority in the purchase of future releases, in addition to the chance to win, through a draw, the most expensive NFT, which entitles you to the five-day trip mentioned above. There are 18,000 units of this type for sale.”says the “Earth”.

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