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After having conflicts with Natalia at the house, a former participant said that he would not invite her to dinner

Natalia replied Slovenia, who said not to invite her to dinner
© Reproduction/Official Instagram of Natalia DeodatoNatalia replied Slovenia, who said not to invite her to dinner

It’s been more than two weeks since the BBB 22 came to an end but not all participants maintained a friendship. slovenia marques, in an interview with Matheus Mazzafera this Saturday (14), participated in a joke and revealed which brothers and sisters he would invite to dinner. Among the names mentioned by the youtuber, the model stated that she would not call Natália Deodato, a sister in which she had clashes during the global reality.

Mazzafera shared a video that asked ping-pong-style questions to Slovenia and her partner, the also ex-BBB
Lucas Bissoli. “I want to know this: if you were having a dinner today, who would you call?”, the presenter began to the couple. The first name was the champion of this year’s edition,
Arthur Aguiar. “Yes”, confirmed Eslô, who had a good relationship with Maíra Cardi’s husband during the program.

Following, the ex-sister confirms that she would call several participants who were in the edition, cases of
Paulo André, Lina, Jade Picon, Naiara Azevedo and Douglas Silva.
When the youtuber mentioned Natália’s name, Slovenia replied: “No, I wouldn’t call”. At the moment, Lucas nods positively, demonstrating that he would invite the godmother, but do not comment out loud. The ex-brother came to be quite close to “Bad Naty” in confinement.

With the repercussion of the video, Natalia commented on Slovenia’s response:
“Wow people, it’s not wrong! It’s a matter of affinity and really, there’s no problem with that. And that doesn’t mean that the person wants harm on the other, just that they don’t have enough affinity for such a personal invitation.
There were never strong ties between the two, just living together in the house, the game is over, guys, I would do the same! I wish you all the success in the world and an incredible dinner”, she replied. In the reality show, the two had conflicts, especially over their relationship with Lucas, who made a couple with Slovenia while still in the house.

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