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The recommendations of the firefighters aim to prevent and avoid domestic accidents at this time of year, when firefighter emergencies increase considerably.

The firefighters began their winter campaign.
© AGENCY ONEThe firefighters began their winter campaign.

The Santiago Fire Department (CBS) began a campaign to prevent home emergencies during the winter, which in 2021 reached more than 500.
“At this time of year, calls grow to address home accidents related to the use of stoves and heaters, whether electric, paraffin or liquefied gas, so we advise people to worry about maintaining the appliances, in addition to to use them for what they were manufactured and for nothing else,” said CBS commander Diego Velásquez.
The fire authority emphasizes that maintenance, especially in cases where the devices have been stored for a long period, must be carried out by accredited persons or companies.
Another tip is to install the appliances in places where there is ventilation, to avoid the accumulation of gases or carbon monoxide. The importance of not overloading electrical connections is also stressed.
“The emergencies that we want to avoid are not always linked to fires, since poor handling of stoves can also generate other types of incidents, such as body burns, to which the Santiago Fire Department sometimes has to respond,” explained Velásquez.

Watch out for the review

Another fundamental aspect is to check the appliances you use for heating, in addition to their connections. For the same reason, it is necessary to avoid hanging clothes too close to the stoves, nor to use them for functions for which they were not conceived, such as cooking on them.
In addition, in the case of having fire extinguishers in the home, it is necessary to check their expiration date and, if you live in buildings with fire alarms, confirm that they are operational.
The commander recalled that the emergency telephone number is 132.

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