Fabio Silva (Anderlecht) injures his knee with Portugal and comes out in tears

Fabio Silva faced Japan this Tuesday evening with the Espoirs of Portugal in the Algarve. After barely 6 minutes, the Anderlecht striker collided with the Japanese goalkeeper. He first left the field and then tried to resume play. But after a few seconds, he had to give up his place definitively. He left the lawn in tears.He There is still no verdict on the nature and severity of his injury but a long absence cannot be ruled out. It would be a minor disaster for Anderlecht. He is Sporting’s top scorer this season (10 goals in all competitions). A return to Wolverhampton in January was mentioned but the Brussels management hoped to keep him until June, as planned. Could this fact of the game and this injury be a game-changer? The next few days will quickly bring answers.

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