Facts of manners in Schaerbeek: the college withdraws the skills of Michel De Herde

It has been in the air since the announcement of his indictment for violation of sexual integrity committed by a person having authority over the victim (s), Michel De Herde no longer has skills as alderman of Schaerbeek . As a reminder, the amaranth councilor was responsible for the Schaerbeekois budget, but also for French-speaking nurseries and French-speaking education.

The college met on Tuesday to record this withdrawal of powers of the alderman who, according to our information, would also have written to the college to request the withdrawal of his functions. This decision is not final, however, and is based on the validity of the judge’s indictment, which expires on February 14. The situation could therefore be reviewed at this deadline with regard, of course, to the progress of the file.

The new distribution of powers has not yet been communicated by the cabinet of the acting mayor, Cécile Jodogne (Défi). However, rumors from the corridors suggest that it is the alderman Déborah Lorenzino (Défi) who should take over the competence of early childhood. Frédéric Nimal (Défi) would inherit the budget and the mayor would take over responsibility for education.

As a reminder, Michel De Herde must be heard by the Committee of Elders of his party this Wednesday.

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