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Some victims became pregnant after implantation of the lollipop tube

The implanon is an injectable chip in the arm in the shape of a stick.
© Pixabay/AniDavidianiThe implanon is an injectable chip in the arm in the shape of a stick.

The implanon is a injectable chip on the stick-shaped arm. It is a long-acting reversible contraceptive method. The object continually releases the hormone Etonogestrel which inhibits ovulation and prevents the passage of sperm. As an effective way to prevent pregnancy, the chip It is the first choice for some women. However, in Venezuelathe device was a cause of headache for some girls.

This is because the women who went to the false doctor, Jose Daniel Lopez, had lollipop tubes implanted in their arm instead of the chip. THE scammer he used false diplomas and documents to get medical appointments in the cities of La Victoria and Maracay. According to the authorities, at least 25 women were victims.

There are reports of some young women who became pregnant. The case was only discovered after the victims had spoken out. According to Venezuelan Attorney General Take William Saab, José can be held accountable for the crimes of illegal practice of medicine, usurpation of medical functions, use of false documents and miscarriage sufferedamong others.

The women who saw the false doctor were instructed to undergo further medical examinations. THE implanon It is considered one of the most effective methods of contraception today. This is because its effectiveness exceeds 99% during the approximately 3 years that the implant continues to release its active principle into the bloodstream.

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