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Maximiliano Falcón joked about the clash he will have with Matías Donoso in Copa Chile, after Colo Colo was paired against Temuco to play the key in the tournament where the whites will seek the bi-championship.

Falcón recalled his duels with Donoso last year
© Agency OneFalcón recalled his duels with Donoso last year

This Tuesday night the Chile Cupwhere colo colo was matched against Deportes Temuco in their first key. A duel that is presumed rough, as pointed out by the Cacique’s defender Maximilian Falcon.

This is because he will have to face Matías Donoso, a forward that he once faced when he was in Cobresal and who, according to Wig, is one of the most complicated when it comes to scoring.

“I’ll send him a message so that he doesn’t hit me so much,” he said jokingly after the tournament draw. “He is there now, he did well in the First Division and it will be a great duel again,” added the Uruguayan.

He then commented on how important it is to play this tournament. “Something like that also happens in Uruguay, it gives players the option to compete, we get a B team that could be in the First Division. It’s going to be a nice show.”

He also referred to the wear and tear that the squad may have for playing three tournaments. “The physical is a fact, we agree. Gustavo (Quinteros) insists a lot on training one hundred percent, during the week we do work with everything physical, whoever has to be prepared, “he said.

Finally he admitted that “there are 11 of us who have repeated a lot, but we have to give a break at some point, or for some blow also because we play to the death. And whoever gets it will do well, I have no doubt”.

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