False declaration of wallet theft in Andenne after having tried to obtain his driver's license fraudulently in Couvin

Two Andennaises are being prosecuted before the Dinant criminal court for an attempt at theoretical driving license fraud committed on July 14, 2022 in Couvin. Sentences of six and eight months in prison suspended were requested this Friday morning against them.

One of the two defendants went to the Mariembourg driving license examination center pretending to be a friend who had already failed this test twice. But the staff of the center are not fooled and quickly noticed that it did not correspond to the person represented on the identity card presented.

Fearing being imposed a sanction from the SPW mobility (Editor’s note: which she finally had with a ban on retaking the license within 12 months), the defendant who tried to obtain her license by defrauding, in the process, made a false statement of wallet theft to the police station in Andenne, the town where she lives. She thus hoped to be covered in the event of a sanction.

But the police officers in the Arches area took this theft of the wallet seriously and the investigative duties they carried out revealed the fraudulent nature of this declaration of theft and, at the same time, of the episode theoretical permit. “People trying to get their theoretical license through other people is a very real and growing phenomenon. A phenomenon that is also dangerous since it allows people who do not know how to drive to find themselves on the road”indicates the parquet floor of Namur.

The defense lawyers point out that we are not, in this case, in a “driving license mafia”. As it is an isolated fact, suspensions of the pronouncement are requested. Judgment on December 16

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