Social Prosperity: know the details of the most important social programs in Colombia.  (Video: Social Prosperity / Twitter)

During this month of August, according to data from the Department of Social Prosperitythe payment of several economic subsidies established in the schedule of the National Government of Colombia. Families in Action is one of them, which invites its beneficiaries to be aware of when and how to collect it at the various banks authorized by the DPS. Find out the details of this subsidy in this note, as well as how to sign up to be part of it in case you are not considered on the payroll.

Social Prosperity: know the details of the most important social programs in Colombia. (Video: Social Prosperity / Twitter)

By criteria of territorial equity, Families in Action has a classification of municipalities into four groups that allows differentiating the actions in the territory, according to the degree of urbanization and multidimensional poverty.

Those families in situations of poverty and extreme poverty, with children and adolescents under 18 years of age, who meet the targeting criteria defined by the program, may be part of Families in Action.

Likewise, Families in Action has a wide coverage that includes all the departments, municipalities, districts and departmental corregimientos of the country. For the indigenous population, the program covers the country’s indigenous reservations and councils, recognized by the Ministry of the Interior, following a consultation process, between the recognized traditional indigenous authorities, the respective mayors’ or governors’ offices and Social Prosperity.

Families in Action is a program run by the Department of Social Prosperity, which aims to offer better life chances to families with children and adolescents in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty, receiving an economic incentive conditioned on school attendance and health care for children and adolescents.

How do I sign up for Families in Action?

The Department of Social Prosperity began the second stage of registration for the Families in Action program, which in its fourth phase will be open until December 31 of this year, for people registered in the Sisbén IV and who meet the requirements established by the regulatory entity of social programs.

It is important to remember that, to enroll in this assistance program, it is necessary to meet some of the following requirements:

  • That the household has been surveyed using the Sisbén IV methodology.
  • That the household is classified in subgroups A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, B2, B3 or B4 of Sisbén IV.
  • That the household has children and adolescents under 18 years of age registered in its composition.

Applicants who want to be part of this second stage, must be focused by Sisbén IV, to check if they meet the requirements, or in any case update them, you must enter the following link and place the information they request, and there verify if they are favorable to enter Families in Action, to later be contacted and scheduled by officials of the Municipal Administration who will continue with their process.

When do Families in Action pay?

Last May 24 was the last day to collect the second cycle of 2022 of Families in Action. However, Social Prosperity has not yet announced a new payment schedule. Pierre García Jacquier, director of Social Prosperity, revealed on July 6 that the third payment cycle of the program generated by the National Government will begin, which corresponds to the verification of February and March 2022.

Check if I am a beneficiary of Families in Action

To find out if your family is part of Families in Action 2022: and then follow these steps:

  • Enter the option ‘Check here if it is focused’.
  • Enter the type of document (identity card, citizenship card, civil registry or foreigner’s card).
  • Write the document number.
  • Write your first name and then the first last name
  • Indicates the date of issue of the document.
  • Select the ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox and wait for the system to verify the information.

Collection of Families in Action by SuperGIROS

SuperGiros will deliver the incentives only through the money order method, at 1,917 points in 277 municipalities.

  • Download the app on your cell phone.
  • Go to the ‘register’ option.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on ‘receive SMS’.
  • Choose your identity document (follow the verification steps).
  • Enter your email. Leave the ‘referral’ field empty.
  • Accept the contract. A copy will be sent to your email.
  • Create a password to enter the app.

The schedule for each municipality, the payment points, the allies and the schedules will be socialized by the municipal liaisons and through the channels provided by both banks.

How will the payment of Families in Action be with Gustavo Petro in power?

With the Social Investment Law created by the Government of Iván Duque, Solidarity Income was guaranteed until November 2022, when the 4 million beneficiaries receive the payment corresponding to cycle 32 and 33, November and December.

Gustavo Petro, the new president of Colombia, has not commented so far on social programs. The president-elect has stated that his agenda will include basic income, in which the payment of Solidarity Income, Youth in Action, etc. would be implicit.



Social Prosperity: subsidy payments in Colombia.  (Video: Social Prosperity / Twitter)
Social Prosperity: subsidy payments in Colombia. (Video: Social Prosperity / Twitter)

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