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Fans send poster message to FIFA – DFB calls the police

Fans shoot a banner against the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar.
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Of: Marius Epp


Shortly after the international match between Germany and Italy kicked off, fans attacked FIFA with a poster. They were then detained by the police.

Mönchengladbach – Some fans used the platform of the Nations League game Germany against Italy (the DFB victory in the ticker to read) to send a message to the FIFA to send. Shortly after the kick-off, a banner was clearly visible at the center line in Gladbach’s Borussia Park: “15,000 dead for big scenes – FIFA and Co. without conscience!”

With the poster, the supporters criticize the award of the forthcoming WM to Qatar. In the past, the emirate has repeatedly been denounced for human rights violations in connection with the construction of the World Cup stadiums.

FIFA-critical banner in Germany – Italy: DFB turns on the police

The fans who had hoisted the banner left the stadium after just the first few minutes, as Simon Bender from Fanhilfe spoke to the Deutschlandfunk explained. Outside the Borussia Park they were then on the initiative of the DFB detained and had to show their personal details. “The question for us was what they are accused of,” said Bender.

Fans shoot a banner against the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar. © IMAGO/Revierfoto

“The DFB approached the police,” said police spokesman Wolfgang Röthgens. The association feared that the supporters would have entered the stadium without a ticket due to the quick exit from the stadium. This suspicion was quickly dispelled, however, and the fans showed their valid tickets. “This was expressly not done for criminal prosecution. Showing the poster is covered by freedom of expression,” said the police spokesman.

World Cup 2022 in Qatar: More than 15,000 non-Qatarians perished between 2010 and 2019

ZDF commentator Oliver Schmidt took up the poster on TV: “A clear, true message. And it’s good that she has her place here.” His colleagues in the director’s office didn’t have everything under control.

The short-term arrest of the fans had caused a lot of displeasure on social media. In August 2021, Amnesty International published a report on the deaths of more than 15,000 non-Qatarians between 2010 and 2019. The number does not only refer to the World Cup construction sites. The causes of the deaths were therefore often not properly investigated. (epp)

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