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FC Putte receives Lierse K.: “We want to show that we can play football too”

FC Putte receives Lierse K.: “We want to show that we can play football too”


Tonight, third provincial FC Putte receives Lierse for a friendly game. For Pieter-Jan Boogers, FC Putte’s trainer, this is a great opportunity to see his newcomers at work for the first time. “We want to show that we can play football too,” Boogers says.

Boogers has had to get his players out of their vacation earlier. “We trained twice for this match, but the players didn’t mind,” said Boogers. “You don’t play a match against Lierse every week, do you. There are some guys on the trip, but the newbies are all there. For them, this will be a unique opportunity to show themselves for the first time. They can now show what they can do without too much pressure. We have signed nine new players and want to rectify something after last season when we only finished tenth. I have seen that the players have followed their running schedule well, which is already an excellent start.”

It should therefore be better during the coming campaign. “We have learned lessons from last season, especially as a coaching staff. This year we want to be the team of the past and compete for the prizes. The match against Lierse is also important in that area, we want to put our foot next to them at times and show that we can play football too. We’ll probably lose, but that’s not so important. I went to watch the match against Lierse at Zandhoven on Saturday. The first half was evenly matched, but after the break Lierse put up a stronger team. Then you saw the pace pick up. If we close the match with a good feeling, our assignment has been successful. The players will get some rest after this match and the real preparation for the new season will start on July 12.” (givl)

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