Fede Valverde and Camavinga, the relief is already here

ASomething unusual happened on Wednesday night at the Bernabu. And it wasn’t just Madrid’s pass to the European Cup final, flipping a deadly trap again in just a minute and a half to turn a certain defeat into a new outburst of madness on the side of La Castellana. The Madrid go back to City without his midfield from the three consecutive Champions Leagues, that is, without Casemiro, Kroos and Modricthree midfielders who have taken over the wide area of ​​the team since 2015 and for those who, in 2022 the relief seems to have come.

The new wave was represented Faith Valverde and Eduardo Camavinga, two footballers aged 23 and 19 who gave Madrid a boost at the worst moment, when City not only contained Madrid’s attacks, but even put a goal further away from the whites. City touched the final in Paris with the tips of their fingers, but the ticket was violently snatched from their hands by Madrid, moved by the legs and lungs of Fede and Edu, two soccer players who, in addition to deployment, demonstrated to have good foot Despite the complexity of the trance and, above all, the temper necessary to lead his team in a situation of maximum demand and pressure.

They are two different cases, because Fede was headline, a consideration from which nothing seems to be able to separate him at this time. The deployment of the sky-blue international was once again spectacular, almost superhuman. Sprint to press at minute one and repeat the efforts when the clock passed 120. His intensity was contagious for his teammates, who seeing the Uruguayan couldn’t afford to spare any effort. To all this joins a sediment growing with the ball at his feet. which allows us to glimpse a long-term future closer to the organization than to the outburst. But, at this point in his career, his strength and physical freshness is a plus that Madrid cannot afford to do without.

what of Camavinga it’s another story. Activated in the 75th minute, no less than to take over from Casemiro Y modricthe Frenchman took sole charge of the work of organization and stewardshipdemonstrating once again the fineness of his left foot, reminiscent in many ways of Fernando Round. In addition, his 19 springs allow him to unpick pressure lines with enormous sufficiency, as happened in the 3-1 play. He received a good ball from Courtois Seventy meters from the rival goal, he advanced uncontrollably forty meters, timing to wait for the entry from the right of Rodrygo and he served the ball that preceded the penalty to Benzema and at 3-1. With Madrid already ahead, he distributed and stole judiciously, demonstrating a maturity unbecoming of a teenager.

At that point in the match, the other leg of the Madrid midfielder was Daniel Ceballos, a footballer who is experiencing a season full of contrasts. She was sidelined for several months in the early part of the season with an injury sustained in the tokyo gameswhen he recovered he did not enter a rotation that hardly had any weight in the plans of Ancelotti, but in recent games he has been confirmed as one of the first coach options to oxygenate the spinal cord. His ability to keep the ball was another of the factors that contributed to the Whites’ final triumph, in an almost agonizing situation for the team.

Casemiro, Kroos and Modric saw it all from the bench, in which the three occupied a place from the 75th minute. Two before he had scored Mahrez 0-1, which seemed to condemn Madrid to fall back on the edge of the semifinals. The legs and football of Valverde and Camavinga took him to the beach, from which a new final of Champions.

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