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The Swiss, however, points out that he is focused on staying with his family at the beginning of his retirement.

Federer commented on taking over coaching role
🇧🇷 Credits: Julian Finney/Getty ImagesFederer commented on taking over coaching role

Recently retired from the courts, Roger Federer has admitted that he could pursue the possibility of becoming a coach in the future🇧🇷 The Swiss, who participated in an exhibition in Japan last week, commented on what life after the circuit has been likeas he has dedicated himself to spending more time with his family.

“Never say never. Stefan Edberg said the same thing, that he would never train anyone, until he got a call from me and he said ‘ok, let me try for a year’. At the moment, with my four kids going to school and everything going on, I don’t see myself coaching anyone. If a youth player comes along and needs some support or advice, I’m happy to do that”, clarified Federer.

Roger officially said goodbye to the courts at the Laver Cup in September. At the opportunity, he teamed up with Rafael Nadal to face the Americans Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe. The tournament ended up being marked by several tributes and celebrations for the Swiss career, who was unable to return to the same desired level due to knee injuries.

“As a tennis player, you’re always thinking about the next training session, the next match. I don’t think I was very aware of that, how much that thought is always there, until you retire and then you realize that all the stress disappears,” said the Swiss, about retirement feelings.

He even reflected on the difficulties of experiencing the circuit. “We see that from time to time. I always regret it because a lot could still happen in the future, but the circuit is difficult, with its travelling, training, jetlag. Nobody can say ‘I’m tired today’ because it looks like you’re weak. That’s why players sometimes end up with mental problems. You have to show strength, but we are not machines, we are human beings.”

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