Felice Mazzu reveals his plans with Anderlecht: “I want our supporters to recognize themselves in our football”


Felice Mazzu gave his first interview at Mauve TV as Anderlecht’s coach. “Of course I have my own principles as a coach, but I will respect the identity of this club,” it sounds.

Vincent Van Genechten

“When I look back at my career as a trainer and how I eventually became the coach of Anderlecht, a club with so many titles and so much grandeur, I feel especially proud. Whoever you are as a trainer: when RSC Anderlecht comes knocking, it is very difficult to say no to a club that enjoys so much fame at European and international level,” said Mazzu.

The vision of the new-fangled coach of the Purple & White is, in his own words, simple. “First of all, the idea is to re-enter for the prizes as soon as possible. Whether in the cup or in the league: Anderlecht must have ambitions”, it sounds. “At the same time, I want to build on the project that has been put in place here in recent years, by the club and by Vincent Kompany. Of course I have my own philosophy as a coach, but I always adapt to the core of the players and above all I want to respect the identity of this club. I want our supporters to recognize themselves in our football.”

“That also means that we attach great importance to attacking football and the integration of youth players in the A-team. When you see what kind of work is being done here with the Academy and how many players from their own youth are knocking on the door of the A-squad: that’s just fantastic. I want to pay the necessary attention to that and find a good balance, because at the same time everyone knows that the results will be very important.”

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“Complementary team”

He wants to reach Mazzu with some acquaintances from Union. “I have brought some people to the club because I have built a strong relationship of trust with them. Trust is an essential concept for me in a dressing room. I have been working with Sandro Salamone, our video analyst, for years. Just like Thibaut Meyer, our physical coach and goalkeeper coach Laurent Deraedt, with whom I have built up a strong friendship. And of course there is my assistant Samba Diawara, who is very important for the development of the training sessions, but will also always be in contact with the U23 and the youth players who train with us. Guillaume Gillet will be the T3 of the A-team, but will especially have an important role in the U23 of Robin Veldman. Both Samba and Guillaume thus become an important link between the A-core and the U23. In addition, there are a lot of people who have already started working for the club, and with whom I already feel a lot of mutual respect and trust. I think we have put together a very complementary team.”

Mazzu also shed light on new signings Ishaq Abdulrazak and Nilson Angulo. “Peter Verbeke and his team have already provided two young signings who, with their speed and explosiveness, can add some more verticality to our football. They are two young players who will need some adjustment time, but I am sure they will be able to add value at the right time,” said Mazzu.

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