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The ESPN journalist questioned the level of the golden generation in the friendly against Poland.

Felipe Bianchi pointed to Vidal for his poor performance
© ANFPFelipe Bianchi pointed to Vidal for his poor performance

Eduardo Berizzo’s stage in charge of the Chilean National Team is being rather difficult. And it is that, after six games with the Argentine DT directing, La Roja has not managed to win and does not know about victories since February of this year, when they beat Bolivia in La Paz by Qualifiers.

This Wednesday, despite the improvements shown, Chile fell by the minimum against Poland. A duel that the national squad dominated, but a trend that has been worrying for a long time was maintained: lack of depth in attack. Chile lacks a goal and although chances are generated, it does not define them in a good way.

Thus he passed before the Poles and finally fell again, the fourth fall in the Berizzo era. Something they hope to reverse against Slovakiawith whom Chile will play its last game of the year, prior to the start of the Qualifiers in 2023.

It is in this context that Felipe Bianchi pointed his criticism at the golden generation of Chile, especially Arturo Vidal. On ESPN, pointed out that the King was not up to the task and that he could be “returning the shirtto Eduardo Berizzo.

“In my view and listening to everyone, on the street, wherever, for the first time Arturo Vidal raised doubts”, he pointed to the ESPN F90 panel. A statement that found questioning, especially from Patricio Yáñez, who pointed to the celebrations of the Flamengo midfielder in the run-up to the trip to Europe.

“I think that takes out any player. He touched and controlled always at five meters, He didn’t run what he usually runs”, justified the former attacker of La Roja.

return t-shirt

However, Bianchi did not stop there and asked the panel if they felt that there were players from the golden generation who are returning the shirt. Given that, the majority of the panel pointed to Vidal.

“It was noted that he comes from a period of celebration and that he was not fine. It was correct but it was not the round trip Vidal that we are used to”, Patricio Yáñez repeated again. “He didn’t play a good game, that’s clear”, Dante Poli added.

Chile will play again this Sunday, November 20 at 9:30 a.m. Against Slovakia in Bratislava it will be the last option to add Berizzo’s first win in 2022.

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