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FF17 assumed that he would like to have one last period with the Cacique, although he acknowledged that he sees it as difficult. “They’re looking at young figures,” he said.

Felipe Flores seeks to return to Colo Colo
© agency oneFelipe Flores seeks to return to Colo Colo

Felipe Flores lived in this 2022 a true rebirth in his career. The striker had a great year with Magallanes, scoring nine goals this season and being a key figure in the two titles won by the caraveleroswho will play in the First Division and in the Copa Libertadores in 2023.

After opaque years in Barnechea and Antofagasta, FF17 managed to resume its best level in Magallanes and now it will have to face a demanding 2023, where it hopes to be important for a team that will have the difficult challenge of playing in two competitions in parallel.

However, for Flores there is still a thorn stuck in it. It is about Colo Colo, the club he loves and where he was formed. For Flores there is still the illusion of being able to return to Pedreroalthough he assumes that it would be difficult because the club is interested in younger players.

“There will always be the dream of returning to Colo ColoIt is a desire that I will always keep in mind. In the same way, I know that it is very difficult because the club, due to politics, is paying attention to young figures, but the illusion will always be there, “he said in a conversation with DirecTV.

In addition, regarding 2023, Flores stated that “first I have to renew with Magallanes and if he continues, I will risk everything for the club. If I score a goal against Colo Colo, I’m not going to shout it obviously because I’m a fan, but I’ll wet it for this team that gave me confidence”.

The figures from Magellan to La Roja?

Flores also took time to analyze the level of several of his colleagues in Magallanes, noting that he even sees some with a possible future in the National Team.

“Felipe Espinoza and Julián Alfaro are going to defend the La Roja shirt and they’re going to make it to a big team in the near future. They are two players above the average and with great conditions in Magallanes”, he assured.

Espinoza (23) is formed in the lower divisions of the club and this season he played 31 games, being a key piece in the Magellanic defense. as long as Alfaro (21) is a U youth player but has been playing for the Academy since 2019.

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