In Santiago Wanderers they were very annoyed by the phantom goal that tied them with Cobreloa.

The experienced goalkeeper of the caturro team spoke out after the controversial ghost goal with which Cobreloa tied 1-1 against Wanderers in Primera B and pointed out that it is essential that video arbitration be implemented in all divisions “so that there is true sports justice” .

© Agency OneIn Santiago Wanderers they were very annoyed by the phantom goal that tied them with Cobreloa.

Everything seemed to indicate that Cobreloa and Santiago Wanderers would animate a real match in the desert foxes stadium to end the date 14 of the First Bbut the truth is that again the poor work of the Chilean referees stole all eyes.

The cast of Valparaíso won 1-0 with a goal by Argentine striker Thomas Amilivia in the 34th minute, and when the first half was over, at 45+5′, referee Patricio Blanca, with the help of the line judge, decided to collect a “score ” by David Escalante, but the ball never went in.

A) Yes, the third ghost goal that is lived in the First B in less than a month It went around the world and quickly went viral because of how unusual it is, since the ball was really far from entering the goal. That is why, after the game, Fernando Hurtado spoke out very upset.

The caturro goalkeeper, who was under the three posts at the time of the controversial charge, spoke with TNT Sports after the final whistle and acknowledged that “I didn’t get to see the play, I don’t know where it hit, but what I claimed was an off side“, but then he shot with everything.

And it is that after that Hurtado made it clear that the substitutes of the loíno team recognized that the play had been far from being a legitimate goal. “Later even the players from the Cobreloa bench told me that I had not entered by about a meter“, He launched.

To close, the 39-year-old goalkeeper pointed out that “Unfortunately in this division there is no VAR, hopefully it will be applied, they want to take it out in the First Division and the most basic thing is that it has to be in all the professional divisions so that there is real sports justice”, he concluded noticeably annoyed by the situation.

Thus, Santiago Wanderers regretted a very bitter draw against Cobreloa and they will have to quickly turn the page to focus on their next challenge. And it is that on matchday 15 the caturros must receive Universidad de Concepción, while the loínos will visit Temuco.

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