Few giant screens in the Center?  Go to the cafes to see the Red Devils: "these controversies are not ours"

In Seneffe, the giant screen organized during each sporting event by the municipality has been renewed, despite the many controversies surrounding this World Cup in Qatar. The Espace Culturel de la Samme will thus welcome Belgian supporters during each meeting of the Red Devils for the benefit of the Seneffoise associations which will run the bar.

On the Epinois side, it is at the Petit Domaine, near the ponds, that you will have to go to attend all the matches of the World Cup, while the Tennis Padel Club de Plainchamp, in Saint-Vaast, will broadcast also all matches. Many sports clubs and associations in the Center broadcast the matches of the Red Devils, but it is impossible to name them all. The BC AMLL is part of it, as is the non-profit organization Maison du Peuple de Besonrieux, for example.

But the best way to see a World Cup match, given the general absence of giant screens, is still in a café. Mehdi Mrakha, owner of several establishments in Louvière, will broadcast the matches of the World Cup there. “Of course, I cannot ignore everything that is happening in Qatar or how this country was named“, told us the one who is also vice-president of the association of Louviérois traders. “But these controversies are not ours. We are just emerging from a health crisis and most HoReCa establishments are on the straw. We need additional income and this World Cup is a good opportunity to fill the coffers… provided that the Red Devils have a good run.”

Mehdi Mrakha is convinced, the boycott would be useless. “It was as soon as Qatar’s nomination was announced that there should have been protest. Today, it is far too late to do anything. Protesting or boycotting the event will not change anything that happened. I don’t see why we should be shooting ourselves in the foot by not broadcasting World Cup fixtures. But today, we are looked at as if we were criminals as if we had had an influence on the ecological or human catastrophe of this World Cup…

One more argument for going to a HoReCa establishment if you really don’t want to stay at home, unlike the fans who will be in Qatar, you will have the opportunity to drink a beer while watching the match…

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