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The World Cup dispute over the “One Love” captain’s armband culminated on Monday with the withdrawal of the seven associations. The national and international press reviews.

Munich – Before World Cup 2022 there had been much talk about signs that the great nations wanted to set. The captains of the big European teams wanted to play with the “One Love” armband, but now they are backing down. As it became known on Monday morning, Manuel Neuer, Harry Kane and Co. will not wear the bandage at the World Cup in Qatar as originally intended.

World Cup 2022: Press expresses incomprehension for associations because of withdrawal from the “One Love” sign

Bernd Neuendorf, President of the German Football Association, even spoke of a “clear threat” from FIFA. The local and international press condemned the sudden decision of the associations and mostly reacted with incomprehension. However, most of the criticism is directed at the World Football Association.

Manuel Neuer still wore the “One Love” bandage in the test match in Oman. © Markus Ulmer/imago

World Cup 2022: German media condemn the “One Love” decision

Mirror: “Because of threatened sanctions, DFB captain Manuel Neuer plays without a “One Love” armband”

Southgerman newspaper: “Captains waive One Love armband”

Picture: “The bandage scandal! Germany caves in, FIFA talks its way out!”

Sky: “King Giannis Bind-Basta”

Sport1: “Brace: Germany buckles”

World Cup 2022: International press reviews Media on the “One Love” retreat – “spineless”

AS (Spain): “Controversy Continues Over ‘One Love’ Bandage: Seven Teams Retire”

Daily Mail (UK): “Fans brand FA ‘spineless'”

Mirror (UK): “The FA deserve criticism for the pathetic turn on armbands, but shameful FIFA deserves contempt”

The Independent (UK): “Wear the armband, England, and show you stand for something!”

World Cup 2022: “One Love” bandage causes an international uproar – “Bent under pressure from FIFA”

de Volkskrant (Netherlands): “Bent to the pressure of the world football association Fifa”

AD (Netherlands): “Frustration after FIFA’s OneLove bracelet decision: ‘This is unprecedented'”

Jyllands-Posten (Denmark): “Is a small piece of cloth a major restriction on the right to free speech?

Politics (Denmark): “Denmark sheds One Love captain’s armband at World Cup”

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland): “Fifa wins the power struggle over the ‘One Love’ captain’s armband – Switzerland, England and Co. buckle.”

World Cup 2022: The Swiss press takes a hard swipe at the world association – “FIFA is again in front of Qatar

Daily Gazette (Switzerland): “Dispute over ‘One Love’: Fifa wins the power struggle for the captain’s armband”

Aargauer Zeitung (Switzerland): “Protest within the rules only: FIFA declares ‘One Love’ ban”

View (Switzerland): “The ‘One Love’ armband banned: FIFA bows to Qatar again”

SRF (Switzerland): “Fifa threatened sanctions – Xhaka will not wear a ‘banned bandage'”

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