Final closure of the La Clairière Enchantée nursery in Havré: some parents regret this decision

The news fell on Friday. After a temporary closure decided by the ONE on October 27, the Clairière Enchantée, located in Havré, will not reopen its doors. Following a hearing with the management, the National Office for Children deemed it necessary to withdraw his reception authorization. A decision justified by shortcomings in terms of supervision and therefore safety of children, administrative or even communication… But misunderstood by some parents.

This Tuesday, we had met four of them. This Friday evening, Paul Roisin said he was stunned. “We really had hope that it would reopen, that everything would be sorted out and that we could all resume our lives”he explains. “For my part, I feel a deep sense of injustice because not once has the ONE sought to collect our feelings, to know if we wanted to put our children back there and if it would have been by choice or by necessity. . For me, it would have been by choice!”

Convinced by the educational project of the Mons crèche, the father of the family judges that if certain shortcomings have been observed, they have never put his daughter’s safety in danger. “We knew there was a shortage of qualified personnel. Other people, whom we knew, sometimes came as reinforcements. Not for a second was I afraid for Jeanne. I am disappointed and convinced that finding such an educational project will not be possible.”

At the beginning of the week, the parents who had mobilized to support the director, Nanou, and the staff should meet. “For the moment, we are all digesting the news. We did not want to meet but we will plan to discuss it in the next few days. The only positive thing in the story is that we are now fixed. We are no longer in uncertainty, we know that we have to find an alternative to have our children looked after.”

For its part, ONE recalled that a cell specifically dedicated to the supervision of parents who find themselves in difficulty to find a place of reception would be in contact with them in the coming days. A promise that is not enough, today, to appease parents who wanted the childcare center to reopen its doors permanently.

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