First appearance: Lapadula officially debuted Cagliari vs.  perugia [VIDEO]

A new life, a new path begins for Gianluca Lapadula in the 2022-23 season, since he now belongs to the ranks of the Cagliari, club that will face Serie B in Italy. This Friday, the Italian-Peruvian had his first official presentation: he entered during the second half of the match against Perugia, for the second round of the Italian Cup.

The ‘Reds and Blues’ performance got off to a brilliant start, thanks to Giorgio Altare’s goal before two minutes. However, the opposing squad reacted in the first half and Federico Melchiorri decreed parity (32 ‘), a result with which they went to rest.

Due to the circumstances, coach Fabio Liverani decided to modify his strategy and sent Lapadula to the field at 60′, instead of Gastón Pereiro. The fans present in the stands of the Arena Sardinia stadium were optimistic about celebrating thanks to the ‘Bambino’, given that he had just scored in the friendly against Leeds.

Lapadula’s goal against Perugia

The match was approaching 79 minutes and Zito Luvumbo starred in a dangerous advance for the ‘Reds and Blues’, down the right wing. Although the Angolan attacker was unable to progress due to the iron mark of the rival defense, the referee Matteo Gualtieri warned of a foul inside the area, which generated complaints.

Immediately, the VAR began to analyze the play, to avoid controversy, and finally the maximum penalty was decreed. After knowing the opinion, the ‘Bambino’, with the number ‘9’ on his back, took possession of the ball and placed himself on the designated point, with a lot of concentration, waiting for the referee’s signal.

Upon receiving the judge’s approval, Gianluca shot with his left leg, violently, to the central part of the goal. Goalkeeper Stefano Gori had dived towards the right post and could do nothing to prevent the goal, much to the regret of the entire Perugia squad.

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