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The first non-binary figure skater in the history of the Olympic Games Timothy Leduc retired

Americans Timothy Leduc and Ashley Kane-Gribble competed in sports couples. They have two golds of the national championship, silver of the championship of four continents in 2018. At the Beijing Games, the couple took eighth place

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Photo: Elsa/Getty Images

The first non-binary figure skater in the history of the Olympic Games, American Timothy Leduc and his partner Ashley Kane-Gribble announced their retirement. The athlete made a corresponding post on her Instagram (the owner of the social network, Meta, is recognized in Russia as an extremist organization and banned).

“Thank you to my mom, my dad, Nina Moser and her entire team for giving us all the resources we needed to make our dreams come true and for giving us the confidence that we can achieve everything we dream of. From the very beginning, your faith in us has never wavered. We will use the lessons you have taught us in everything we do in life. As we said, so many people have taken part in our journey, and we are very grateful to you, ”Kane-Gribble wrote.

The 26-year-old figure skater will now perform in ice shows, 32-year-old Leduc plans to become a coach.

The athletes have been skating together since 2017, they have won the U.S. Pairs Championship twice, and they have a silver medal at the 2018 Four Continents Championships. At the Beijing Olympics, they took eighth place.

Leduc became the first non-binary, that is, not identifying himself as either male or female, athlete at the Games. In 2019, Leduc was the first openly gay man to win gold at the U.S. Championships in sports couples competition.

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