Fleurus: launch of a major survey on digital issues

In a constant quest for development and improvement, the Municipal College wishes to provide a relevant and sustainable response to the demographic challenges and societal issues specific to the Fleurus entity, in particular by taking advantage of new information and communication technologies. Many digital projects have already been initiated, such as free Wi-Fi in the city centre, cyber-classes in schools or even the implementation of innovative software intended for citizens such as Fluicity or BetterStreet. With the desire to define a more global “Smart” strategy, and benefiting from the support offered by Igretec, the City has thus embarked on a process of digital transition for a more efficient and (re)connected territory.

Investigation and diagnosis

The first stage of this project consists of a diagnostic phase during which various data will be collected by means of questionnaires and individual interviews. Indeed, the City of tomorrow must be designed for the citizens and by the citizens who will naturally be integrated into the process, as well as all of the living forces of the territory. Public entities, local businesses, associations, citizens, all are invited to share their opinion for a more inclusive and collaborative city as well as for more efficient urban management.

Broadcast from November 21 on all of its communication channels, the city of Fleurus hopes for a massive participation of citizens.

Identify priorities

The results of this survey will give rise to the development of a roadmap, methodological assistance on specific projects with a smart or digital tendency. Ultimately, this document – ​​formalizing the “Smart” vision of the City – will make it possible to identify the priorities in terms of development and digital projects to be considered and implemented in the Fleurus area.

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