For his return, the “Turtle” Christophe Willem says it all: “I thought about stopping everything and turning to my other passion”

After a long absence, the coach of The Voice Belgium 10 is back with the single “PS: Je t’aime”.

Five years after the release of his last album (Riowhich was not received brilliantly), Christophe Willem returns with a single illustrating his doubts about his profession and the famous Turtle even reveals his truths. “Today there are those who know the Nouvelle Star and this reference, but there is also a whole generation of people who say to me: ‘But why do we say The Turtle (following his green sweater and his legendary nonchalance, head a little forward, Marianne James had nicknamed him that way, Editor’s note)? Which reassures me and also worries me, because I’m really starting to be very old (38 years old, editor’s note), since some don’t know the story of the Turtle (to smile) !”

The telecrochet which revealed it in 2006, presented first by Benjamin Castaldi followed by our national Virginie Efira, therefore goes back 15 years. “It’s quite dizzying to realize all that and, at the same time, it happened very very quickly. It’s like another life, it’s pretty mind-blowing.” And the one who will be next Saturday at Télévie to make a revelation. “A lot of people thought I was Belgian at first! When I arrived in Belgium, people said:Do you have Belgian family? Because you have a sense of humor like us‘. No, but it is true that I feel very comfortable with the Belgian state of mind.”


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