It is not (for you) convenient to consider Luka Doncic dead

Dial 0-1 months later (injury through) and once again demonstrated all the qualities that have dazzled Simeone. He fights everything, he stretches the team, he is fast, skillful. A mix, Cunha’swhich only needs polishing to become the goal hunter he went for Andrea Bertha and that it is in the adaptation phase. Once Cholo’s army has been overcome, he has taken a place in eleven… Will he also take over the place left by Luis Surez? Don’t rule out anything. With confidence you can break it.

Griezmann becomes strong in the creation

engrossed in a bad scoring streak (somewhat in all 2022) the Griezmann’s goalscoring obsession and about Griezmann he must take a step to the side. That he has a goal to keep scoring, obviously, for a reason he is the top scorer in the history of Atltico with Simeone. That he is more focused on creation, a reality as he showed again against Elche. the french has moved away from the rival area, to put balls like the one that placed Lodi in the 0-1 play. Without the offensive spark of yesteryear, the same is his place on this team.

The tension was reflected in the Lodi-Oblak clash

That Atlético has had a lot at stake for weeks is evident. It shows in some performances, it shows in the tension that some footballers give off. Against Elche, for example, in an action in which Lodi went to recriminate Oblak while the Slovenian hallucinated with the Brazilian… which they had to take to avoid greater evils with a Jan who is a real reference on the green and in the booth. Lodi, in fact, didn’t celebrate his assist at 0-1. . And Surez had to calm Oblak at the break.

Wass doesn’t even play without Llorente and Vrsaljko

With Marcos Llorente sanctioned, the 2 went to Sime Vrsaljko. With the Croatian injured in minute 5, the right wing went to Yannick Carrasco. All this under the watchful eye of Daniel Wassthe theoretical substitute in the trippier’s incomprehensible output in January… that after his injury at the Camp Nou he recovered… so as not to enter into Simeone’s plans, who does not see the Dane as a right back. And hence his lack of confidence.

Maximum respect: El Potro Rodrigo, Maradona… and Salvacion!

Elche breathes football and it shows in the streets of the city of Alicante… and in a Martínez Valero that oozed the atmosphere of a team that jumped to the green to seal its permanence in First Division. A huge goal that, beyond the typical songs of the field, had an exceptional figure in the previous one. And it is that by the loudspeaker of the stadium they are the song dedicated to Maradona by El Potro Rodrigo. A hymn to football that speaks, and very well, of the people of Elche, who They celebrated staying in the First Division at the break.

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