Lionel Scaloni considers name and scheme changes.  Photo: Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy.

While Scaloni is considering changes, in the privacy of the squad the idea that there is no longer a margin for error makes a dent.

The games are passing in the Qatar World Cup. The first date of the group stage was completed with logical results, such as the triumph of Brazil against Serbia and the tremendous defeat of Spain against Costa Rica by 7-0 and loud surprises such as the fall of Germany at the hands of Japan and, of course, the harsh unforeseen defeat of the Argentina against Saudi Arabia. In the albiceleste bunker they play their own tournament and you only look at the Group C.

Qualifying to the round of 16 is the fixed idea, but the goal feels threatened when you look at the zone table and see the National Team without points, in fourth place. It is scary, but the image can change from Saturday with a win over Mexico. You could even finish in first place yet. But stop. Not to get ahead In the albiceleste delegation they put their feet on the ground after the initial blow and there is a phrase that is repeated as a leitmotiv: “Times were advanced, for us the kill and kill has already begun.”

That is the feeling that surrounds the University of Qatar, the home of Lionel Messi and company in this World Cup. The group stage is just starting its second date, but in the National Team they understand correctly that from this Saturday it will be the first of six finals to direct elimination, if it is intended to reach December 18 alive. All or nothing.

It is that the national group already exhausted the changüí that each team has in this type of competition, the most important of all. And the margin of error has been drastically reduced..

Lionel Scaloni considers name and scheme changes. Photo: Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy.

It is true that the goalless draw between Poland and the Mexicans allows Argentina to breathe a little. And even a draw in the second commitment still leaves them alive to define everything in the last day next week against the Poles. But they don’t want to have anything to do with calculating accounts in the light blue and white cast.

That’s why they insist over and over again that that’s it, that there is no other alternative than to get the three points in the Lusail Stadium, same scenario as the fateful debut. It is also the court where the final will be played. Perhaps that will now serve to visualize the goal.

scaloni does not give clues of formation. This Friday he will have the last training session in the Qatari afternoon (at noon in Argentina). Before, he will sit in the press center to give a conference. And there could be some clarity about his planning.

Will he get the cutie romero to include Licha Martinez in defense? Will he rotate to the sides? Will you give him the opportunity from the start to Enzo Fernandez? And if that happens, does it come out papu gomez either Leandro Paredes? The answers only have Scaloni.

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