Who can receive the Formalization Bonus?

The Bonus for Formalization is aimed at people who formally enter the world of workcheck what are the requirements to receive it.

© Agency OneWho can receive the Formalization Bonus?

The Bonus for Formalization of Work is a non-applicable benefit, which is delivered only once to people who are formally inserted in the world of work and who meet the requirements.

This bond seeks to promote employment in the population, regardless of whether the beneficiary is dependent or independentin order to encourage contributions in the pension system.

The bonus amount is $226,967is delivered in a single installment and changes its value every February in relation to the variation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

What are the requirements to receive the Formalization Bonus?

To receive the Formalization Bonus you must meet the following requirements:

  • Being a user or member of a user family of the Securities and Opportunities Subsystem that are active in their process of Socio-labor Accompaniment (ASL), from the Families, Opening Paths or Street programs.
  • Being of legal age and entering a formal job for the first time.
  • register at least four continuous contributions for health and pensionsor for unemployment insurance, declared and paid within the period of effective participation in the Social and Labor Accompaniment.

How to receive the money from the Formalization Bonus?

As this benefit cannot be applied for, it is the Ministry of Social Development and Family that collects the data and transfer the money to each person to their RUT account or registered bank account.

If you don’t know when you will receive the bonus you can consult HERE only by entering your RUT.

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